Gold doesn’t rust!

Throw it, burn it, bury it.

stretch it, ignore it, hurt it,

Anything you do to it,

It keeps on reviving.

It keeps on forgiving.

Cuz the heart that you just broke

Was the heart of gold.

That doesn’t wear

that doesn’t rust.

You do!


Life is now ! #Song

What’s the rush?

Loosen up!

Why swim with the tide?


Take a chance, 

Learn to dance.

Chill out, groove and glide.


Whatever it is ,

however it is,

Deal with it,

or move on!

Just don’t get destroyed.

Coz you don’t get a second life

to live and enjoy.

Hold her tight

Look into her eyes

You’ll know what love looks like.


Take a leave 

Go to seek

What’s the meaning of life.


Coz tomorrow is one day nearer to say good bye.

Life is now! 

life is this!

Whatever it is, 

however it is,

Deal with it,

or move on!

Just don’t get destroyed.

Coz you don’t get a second life

to live, love and enjoy.

Love doesn’t kill – #story #Poem

The feel of a free fall

Into the abyss

That’s how it feels.

When the one you love,

without explaining, 

Just leaves.

Leaves you alone 

until the time heals.

————————— I

It makes you ask,

What don’t I have

that you wanted?

What didn’t I give 

that you wanted?

I gave it all,

I changed!

I left behind my life,

Walked on the edge of knife.

I sacrificed!

My whole life,

For you,

I compromised!

Every single time,

To make it work, to feel loved.

———————————— II


Never loved,

 never praised, 

never noticed, 

all my efforts went,

But in vain!

You left,

For someone new.

And that very moment

Was when I knew….


Love doesn’t need trying so hard,

love doesn’t make you fall apart.

Love doesn’t mean sacrifice, 

it doesn’t ask to compromise

Coz love comes natural,

 like the rays of sun,

like the stream down the hill

Like a free-flowing wind, 

Love doesn’t control, it doesn’t kill

your desires, your peace of mind

It sets you free, love doesn’t bind.


Life goes on,

It’s best to move on,

But the wish still remains

To be loved some day

For who I am.


Like the breath

Like the heartbeat,

that’s so close, so warm and so profound.

Love that knows no pretense,

And that loves me,

for who I am.


Dance with me- like you care.

Here in the silence, 

In my little world,

where my pals are not humans

but birds, dogs, and lions

I found love in you,

& I know that you love me too.


Would you love me the way I am,

Not just now, but forever?

Would my crazy talks always amuse you,

Would you listen to what I have to say?

Would you leave everything for me?

When it rains,

Would you hold my hands and dance with me,

Not just now, but forever?


Would you be embarrassed,

Of me, and my wilderness?

Now, would you want to tame me,

Mold me to fit me in into your world,

And tell me how I am supposed to behave?


Will you let me be me?

The me that I presumed you loved.


Will you hold my hands and kiss me

And dance with me in the rain?

Like you care,

Like you care of no one but me.

Will you love me the way I do,

Not just now, but forever?

When I am with you – Poem

As always,

awaiting your arrival,

seconds beating in my heart,

and eyes wide open,

not to lose sight, even just a bit

of you, if I blink.

And from a distance, with you,

I can see my fate, approaching me,

to give a knock, or to bang it open,

the door of my cage, and set me free.


I rush to meet you, swing the door open

and there you are,

like a breath of fresh air,

your pristine presence

and your warm smile.

Looking at you,

my heart just pounded and stopped,

both at the same time

I am happy, happier than ever,

when in my dreams you come that way

and take me away,

to the land of love and happiness,

In the night when the world is at rest,

and in the dreams

where am I am with you,

I am the happiest.


First time she rested on his chest

And heard his heart beat,

She knew that rhythm was her lifeline.

That place that moment

Her fondest memory for life,

When he asked “will you wait for me?”

And she subtly said “I will !

Coz our hearts just synced

& now you are my lifeline”.

What’s the change?

The moon smiles at me

with a new charm and hew

bells swing in joy

the way I never knew.

Breeze goes naughty

and all this time

they remind me of you.

Blossoms invite me for a dance

and when I start,

the whole world dances with me.

What’s the change? in the mirror,

a different person I see.

The welcoming morning, the grass and the sparkling dew

the gorgeous rising sun, the sky so blue

these are but all with what I grew!

but today, all what I see,

they remind me of you.

and I am happy to no limits

coz my love is true,

and whatever  I see,

it reminds me that I love you.